EPIC Sports and Recreation

The EPIC Sports and Recreation team is committed to providing and managing safe and enjoyable recreational and sports activities for the kids, youth and adults. It is our intention to provide program and activities that teach fundamentals, respect, sportsmanship, discipline, teamwork, leadership, and a competitive spirit, all of which will assist our kids and youth in becoming responsible and productive adults.
Current Recreational Activities at EPIC
  • Ping-Pong every Thursday Night
  • Youth Boys: Halaqa and Basketball every Friday Night
  • Youth Girls: Halaqa and Recreational activities (Dodgeball/Pingpong) every Friday Night
If you are registering yourself (or your minor child) for any recreational activities at EPIC, please fill out the registration form online  on our website and make sure you review and agree to the consent/waiver form.
For more information or general inquiries, please contact us via the Contact Us form on our website. 
Thank You

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