• July 18, 2024
  • Last Update July 18, 2024 1:26 pm
  • 4700 14th Street, Plano, TX 75074


East Plano Islamic Center is a 501 c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing religious, educational, social and recreational services to the Muslim community in East Plano and surrounding areas. Our strength comes from individuals with diverse backgrounds and skills who can share ideas and contribute to enrich the organization. The following articles from the EPIC constitution pertain to Committees:

8.7 Committees and Sub-Committees

8.7.1 The BOD may appoint ad-hoc committees comprised of general body members in good standing with EPIC in order to accomplish the goals and objectives of EPIC in accordance with Article 2.

8.7.2 The activities of the committees and sub-committees shall remain in compliance with the EPIC Constitution. Should there arise a time when the committee’s activities are found to be in non-compliance, the BOD shall have the right to intervene and rectify the problem.

8.7.3 No committee will have the authority to take any action outside the scope of authority delegated to it by the BOD.

8.7.4 All committees will be composed of at least five (5) members including a liaison from the BOD.

8.7.5 The goals of the committee shall be provided by the BOD member(s) assigned as liaison(s) to the committee. The committee members may suggest changes to the goals, but the BOD shall provide final approval.

8.7.6 Each committee must develop its yearly objectives in consultation with BOD liaison(s) and submit quarterly reports to the BOD.

8.7.7 If a committee engages in any fundraising activity or has expenses, it must submit a budget to the EPIC BOD. The EPIC BOD must ratify the fundraising activity and the budget.

8.7.8 The BoD will open up the committees to the community for willing participants and volunteers. If there are an insufficient number of willing volunteers, the BoD Liaison and/or Committee Lead shall recruit volunteers necessary to achieve the committee’s goals.

8.7.9 The Board of Directors will resolve disputes among committees of EPIC and adjudicate all conflicts referred to it.

We are looking for individuals who can lead and contribute in following professional organizational areas:

  • Fund Raising
  • Sunday School teachers
  • Social Media Marketing, Communication
  • Youth Mentoring
  • Event Planning
  • Tutoring
  • Career Guidance
  • Youth and Family Counseling
  • Financial, Health, Legal services for the community
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Information Technology