• July 18, 2024
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Legacy Program

What is EPIC Legacy Program?

Over the years, Epic has become an epicenter of excellence and services. While we are focused on providing services and programs to the community, we are equally focused on expanding and improving. Keeping that in mind, education is a glaring area of need. Education is one of the essential services we provide and should remain an area of focus. However, when we look closer at our educational services, we need to take our programs to the next level that fits the reputation of EPIC. 

Though we provide services such as Sunday school, fityah, and weekly khatirahs from the mimbar, though these programs offer sparks of faith, they are considered basic on a scale of Islamic knowledge. Not to say that we are a seminary producing Imams and religious leaders, but it is time that EPIC starts providing structured and in-depth educational programs where students can expand their understanding of religious sciences beyond the fundamental level. With this in mind, I would like to introduce you to the EPIC Legacy Program. 

Three areas of Legacy Program

There are three areas of focus, 1) Arabic, 2) Core Sciences, and 3) Enrichment. 


In the past decade, while people have started learning Arabic, they have needed help to maintain or expand their Arabic education. Our goal is to provide programs to help fill that need for maintaining and growing. This includes Arabic comprehension programs, strengthening their fundamentals, conversational Arabic, and much more. To accomplish this goal, we will be working with external organizations and people.

Core Sciences

When it comes down to Uloomul Islamiyyah (Islamic Sciences), there are many. However, there are seven that are often the primary focus in most advanced Islamic educational programs. Insha’Allah, in this program, we will cover an introduction to each of these seven core sciences in weekend intensives that may span from 2-4 weekends. Each program will be taught at EPIC. Each student will be required to take a test to receive credits for the program. After the student has completed each class and took the test, they will receive a certificate of completion. The seven areas are as follows.


The third and final area of focus will be enrichment. This area will include courses that will help enhance education on various topics. Areas include are Quran, Hadith, Usool, Fiqh, History, Tazkiyah, Aqeedah, and much more. Each category contains many courses and topics that are enlightening and informative. 

If you have any questions, please contact nadim.bashir@epicmasjid.org and add “Legacy” in the subject section.